Nigerian woman, unemployed, counts 1,034 and 2,385 rice grains at 12:22 am
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A Nigerian lady recently unveiled a rather unique talent, spending the early hours of the morning counting grains of rice. At precisely 12:22 am, she documented counting 1,034 and then 2,385 grains of rice, humorously indicating her jobless status after completing her exams.

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The amusing incident was shared on her popular social media page, where she posted a series of photos and videos showing her comfortably seated while meticulously counting the rice.

Lady reveals she’s jobless, counts 1,034, 2,385 rice grains at 12:22 am.[/figure]

The post was captioned humorously, “You’re done with exams and now you’re jobless,” resonating with many who have experienced the void after academic pressures subside.

In one of the scenes, she displayed her phone’s wallpaper showing the time as 12:22 am, along with an announcement that she had counted 1,034 grains of rice.

Determined to reach a higher count, she later posted a video showing the total number of grains she counted increased to 2,385. The neatly arranged grains of rice in the video drew a lot of attention and reactions on social media.

The post sparked a variety of reactions from concerned individuals, with many taking to the comments section to share their thoughts and express their amusement.

See some reactions below:

DERA🦋🖤: “are you okk😂.”

Mabel💟: “Ohh you’re scaring me wey Dey final year 😩😂”

Jos fashion vendor: “😂😂😂😂 U are not normal.”




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