Nigerian woman tearfully expresses her wish to marry on TikTok
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A Nigerian woman sparked discussion as she burst into tears on social media, declaring that she is tired of heartbreaks and wishes to marry. Her emotional plea has resonated with many, leading to widespread attention and various reactions from viewers.

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This was revealed in a video she made available on her TikTok page, Brown Sugar. The video, which quickly went viral, showcases her heartfelt emotions and her desire to find lasting love and companionship.

Nigerian woman bursts into tears on TikTok.

In the video, the woman could be seen crying excessively with visible tears on her face. Her tears and visible anguish reflect the deep pain and frustration she feels from repeated heartbreaks.

The video also carried a caption which better explained her situation: “I’m tired of heartbreaks, I want to marry.” This caption has struck a chord with many people who have experienced similar feelings of longing for a stable and loving relationship.

Not long after she made the post available online, concerned individuals stormed the comment section to share their thoughts. The reactions varied widely, with some offering words of comfort and advice, while others expressed skepticism or even harsh criticism.

See some reactions below: 

user8369851272401: “It is better for you to ask yourself if you are ready to settle down before you need somebody to love you. There are some things you are doing.”

gold: “Men are too wicked💔. As for me, I have removed myself from anything called a relationship. Stop crying, everything will be fine. I’m single and okay 👍.”

Richie…..: “Maybe a relationship is not for you. Try being a Rev sister.”

Mmaokwor1: “Na for the marriage you go see sage banza 😂😂.”

decency_max: “What do you do for a living? Do you have a handwork? What business do you do? State it here. It’s not a matter of crying. If you don’t have, get one first.”

user7723221418040: “Continue sleeping with married men. Is it now that your sense has come?”

vawulence priest: “Make I no talk wetin dey my mind if not this woman go cry more 😂😂.”

tonero: “I cover my feelings with the blood of Jesus.”

Jay-Dee: “So sorry dear, the right one will come. I know how you feel. Ladies with good hearts always face this trauma, but it’s well.”

ANIEBOY: “This your heartbreak 💔💔 no serious at all, the real one is coming.”

Olu-Dave: “What are the things guys complain about you?”



Am tired of heartbreak I want to get married now

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