Nigerian woman promises never to split, shares what her boyfriend does when she answers another man's call
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A Nigerian lady has expressed deep affection for her boyfriend, making a solemn vow to remain by his side despite detailing his reaction whenever she answers a call from another guy.

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Lady reveals what boyfriend does whenever she picks up a guy’s call.[/figure]

In a recent video shared on a popular social media platform, the lady displayed a visible injury on her forehead, indicating it resulted from her boyfriend physically assaulting her after she answered a phone call from another man.

Accompanying the injury was a caption explaining the distressing situation:

“My abusive boyfriend hits me every time I answer another guy’s call, but I’m not ending the relationship. I pray he changes one day.”

The video also prominently showed the face of the boyfriend. As the video circulates widely on social media, concerned viewers have flooded the comments section with various reactions.

See some reactions below:

authentic black: “He can never change, it’s his character, so he will still do the same when he marries you and will simply apologize.”

Black Barbie🥀🥀: “Love is blind they say, but not in this case dear 😥😢.”

He Len: “No one advises those in love 😂😂😂.”

Nwadiuko mercy: “Hold onto him tightly so we don’t see him outside ☹️😂😂.”

Valleyboi💦: “Isn’t this the girl with the scrambled brain? 😂😂😂.”

coleman T mercy: “He won’t leave you until he destroys your face, then your lover boy will run away and you’ll cry.”

SazzyBliss: “He will do worse when you two get married.”

Love angel 4joy: “Are you crazy? Because your death will change him; without making mistakes, change can never be achieved.”

meenah health care 👩‍⚕️🌡️: “Please stop saying crazy things in your life for likes or your priorities; I just watched a video of you tonight about a serious illness, so I refuse it for you☺️.”

Perry soft: “That guy is mad 😡. If you were my sister, only God in heaven knows what I would do to him.”

precioussunday163: “You can use this drawing to deceive your boyfriend and he will give you money 💰🤣🤣.”

Mhiz Oniyide Morenikeji: “Don’t kill yourself; remember you have a family that cares, loves, cherishes, and values you ❤️❤️❤️, may God be with you.”



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