Nigerian woman in Germany says she prefers restarting life in Africa due to racism
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One Germany-based Nigerian post on social media to narrate her heartbreaking experience with racism in the European country.

The woman, who appears to be living in Germany with her family, said after she dropped off her children at school, she went to the mall to buy some items.

She selected the items and walked to the checkout counter to make payment, but the white cashier was very rude and condescending towards her because of her skin colour.

According to her, the cashier who gave a white customer his change in his hands, threw her change on the floor and told her to pick it up.

Humiliated by the incident, the woman decried the high level of racism in the country and said she would rather return back to Africa and start from scratch, than be subjected to such dehumanizing treatment in a foreign country.

Watch her speak below,

The video has sparked different reactions on Instagram. @stephaniewhitey_ wrote, “U should hv picked something with the same amount and tell her to pick ur money from the floor...For every gbas……”

@don_emiano wrote, “Even in Nigeria racism is here….for the past 1yr igbo people have been facing racism from other tribes because of election”

@realmarketphraim wrote, “Please start coming back home dear or you stop complaining. You should have known the history of Germany 🇩🇪 before migrating there”