Nigerian man's offer to fix Ghanaian road and name it after himself rejected by locals
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A Nigerian man in Ghana sparked conversation after offering to use his money to construct a bad road in Ghana and have the road named after him, but a Ghanaian woman and the residents of the community refused the offer.

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This was revealed in a post made by a concerned individual who narrated the incident.

Nigerian man’s offer to fix Ghanaian road is rejected by residents.[/figure]

According to the post, the Nigerian man, who lives in a big house in Ghana, offered to repair a bad road with his own money due to the poor condition of the road and because he owns a house on the street.

He added that the street would be named after him.

However, the person narrating the incident revealed that a woman rejected the man’s offer, and several other Ghanaian residents on the street supported the woman, collectively refusing the man’s proposal.

As the video of the incident made its way to social media, concerned individuals took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Rrick: “I heard they said a lot of Ghanaians are in Nigeria but you will never see a Ghanaian pull out a phone to disrespect Nigeria.”

freeman: “He left Nigeria's bad roads to go and repair a road in Ghana. If that action was in a more civilized country, he would be even arrested and questioned.”

Wateryou: “Is this the Ghana that is better than Nigeria? Nawa o for Ghanaians.”

godswaymartins1: “Invest at home, not in another man's land.”

Nancy Bae: “If that cursed country is better, why did you come to Ghana to suffer on the street?”

savage queen 👑: “Ghana people don't like good things, they are enemies of progress.”

praise God: “You people are always complaining about Ghana, but you are still here. You will never see any Ghanaian living in Nigeria come on social media to complain.”

chukwuebuka: “He’s from Ghana and putting his name on that street.”

user8464238462626moonstarclogh: “Mr. man, Nigerians are fixing roads in Ghana. If you can't stay, leave. You say you suffer; are you a cultist?”

fellowghanaians12: “Why do you have such hatred for Ghanaians? South Africans are killing your people, but you keep mute just to talk what's not true. Why? If Ghana is not good for you, what are you doing in Ghana then?”

monaamuda: “Yes, leave it like that for us Ghanaians. We will do it when it’s the right time, insha ALLAH.”

YUKA ETO: “Nothing you say will change my mind. An Igbo man wants to do that work because they love to invest in another man’s country or state. Were they cursed? Hmm.”




#goviraltiktok wahala people 😡🇬🇭

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