Nigerian man warns against polygamy after grandmother's corpse was stolen from mortuary
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One man has taken to Twitter to share his shocking experience with polygamy and advise people to avoid it if they can. According to the man, whose identity is unknown, his grandmother had three husbands when she was alive. However, when it was time to bury her, her corpse went missing, and it was later discovered that it had been stolen from the mortuary due to disagreements between her children from different husbands.

Sharing his story, the man advised people to put their house in order before they die and ensure that their children respect each other. He also cautioned against pitting children against each other and reminded people of the importance of avoiding polygamy.

He tweeted:

He tweeted;

“Omo, avoid Polygamy if you can o. My grandma married 3 husbands. Remembering that her corpse was stolen from the mortuary because of a disagreement between children cracks me up every time. And if you must, put your house in order before you die. Ensure your children respect eachother. Don’t ever pit children against each other.My Grandma should forgive me from heaven incase I casted her. I’m still her first grandson from my Father’s father. She can’t hate her Grandson from paradise”

The tweet was accompanied by two photos, one of a morgue in a Los Angeles hospital and another of the man's tweet.