Nigerian man selling fruits in full corporate attire raises eyebrows
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Nigerian man has captured attention on social media for selling fruits displayed in a show glass while dressed in full corporate wear as he conducts his business.

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The incident was shared in a recent video on TikTok, showcasing the man’s dedication and unique approach to his fruit-selling business.



Nigerian man raises eyebrows as he sells fruits in full corporate wear. [/figure] 

The video shows the man‘s face as he interacts with customers and sells his goods, maintaining a professional demeanor.


He is dressed in a complete corporate outfit, including a shirt, tie, shoes, and trousers, while selling apples and various other fruits.


Despite being photographed and filmed by others, he continues to focus on his sales without distraction. The video was shared online by an eyewitness, further boosting the man's popularity and drawing attention to his business strategy.






This is a corporate fruit seller, packaging lo matter… Guess the city? 🤧


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