Nigerian man orders an AI-powered driverless car in Francesco
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

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A Nigerian man flaunts the driverless car he ordered in Francesco for his family and himself. The man expressed his surprise when the driverless car he ordered arrived to pick them up.

He did a vlog of how the white driverless car is seen parking with “a blinking light” and his family moved towards the car. In the video, he showed the car steering with the driver’s seat empty. His family consisting of his wife, son and daughter sit at the back while he sits in the front beside the empty driver’s seat.

The Nigerian man and his family wore their seat belts and the car started “moving” with the steering rotating while it also gave a voice prompt to the passengers. The AI voice prompt informed them to press the call button to “speak with the rider support agent” if there is any problem.

The driverless car has the journey duration display and obeys the traffic light when it stops at the red light and proceeds at the green light signal. The Nigerian shows his surprises, “wow! wow!” throughout the journey and commend the American government for the “unbelievable” technological advancement.

He ends the video with issue of how Nigeria is still “debating about 62,000 minimum wage” while the “whole world is leaving us behind” and hope for a change of situation.

Watch the video below…