Nigerian man intends to purchase a new Benz with 52 million TapSwap coins
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A Nigerian man has expressed his readiness to buy a brand-new GLK Benz, revealing his ambitious plan to spend his 52 million TapSwap coins.

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His sister shared a video online, detailing his intentions in her social media post. She wrote, โ€œMy little brother plans how to spend his 52.48 million TapSwap money.โ€

[figure id="attachment_1082951" aria-describedby="caption-attachment-1082951" style="width: 1080px" class="wp-caption aligncenter">
Nigerian man plans to buy brand-new Benz with 52 million TapSwap coins.[/figure]

The video captured her shocked reaction after her brother disclosed his intention to purchase the Benz. In a WhatsApp conversation, she attempted to dissuade him, warning that it might be a scam.

Despite her concerns, he remained hopeful and confident, promising to treat her well once he cashes in his coins and fulfills his dream of owning the luxury vehicle.


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