Nigerian man criticizes Verydarkman for meddling, challenges him to DM
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A Nigerian man has blasted online personality Verydarkman for doing too much and putting his mouth in everyone’s matter, even those that don’t concern him, while daring him to come to his DM.

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This was revealed in a fresh video he made available on his page on a popular social media platform, TikTok. The man appeared visibly frustrated as he addressed the camera, expressing his annoyance with Verydarkman's constant interference in various issues. He questioned why Verydarkman felt the need to involve himself in every situation, regardless of whether it concerned him or not.

Online personality, Verydarkman.

In the video, the man could be heard pouring out his mind while blasting the online personality Verydarkman for getting involved in all issues. He did not hold back in expressing his displeasure, making it clear that he believed Verydarkman was overstepping his boundaries by commenting on matters that were none of his business.

His statement reads: “Verydarkman, I dare you to enter my DM. I dare you because you’re already doing too much. It’s all matters; there is no matter that would pass that you wouldn’t put your mouth in.” He continued, expressing his exasperation at Verydarkman's behavior and questioning whether he had been cursed to feel compelled to comment on everything he saw.

“Have you been cursed? Can’t you just see some things and act like you do not see them? You put your mouth in every matter.” The man's frustration was palpable as he spoke, making it clear that he believed Verydarkman needed to learn when to stay silent and mind his own business.

He went on to blast Tunde Ednut, claiming he’s the one backing up Verydarkman, which makes him feel he is strong. The man suggested that Verydarkman's boldness came from his association with Tunde Ednut, a well-known figure who he believed was encouraging Verydarkman's behavior.

He made several other statements about the online personality in the video, which has been attached below. The man’s video quickly gained attention on social media, with many viewers weighing in on the situation and sharing their own opinions about Verydarkman's actions.



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