Nigerian lady finds out her womb is missing after hospital visit with boyfriend for D&C procedure
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A Nigerian lady raised eyebrows on social media after discovering she doesn’t have a womb, a year after visiting the hospital with her boyfriend for a D and C procedure.

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The incident was revealed by another woman on social media who narrated the events.

Lady discovers her womb is missing after hospital visit with boyfriend.

According to her, she was informed by a patient that a lady recently found out she doesn’t have a womb.

The woman further explained that the affected lady and her boyfriend had visited the hospital for a D and C procedure.

During the operation, complications arose.

Allegedly, while the lady was unconscious, her boyfriend gave approval and signed for her womb to be removed as it was deemed necessary to save her life.

After the operation, everything seemed fine as she had her period the following month, though heavier than expected.

Several months later, she stopped having periods altogether. Additionally, her boyfriend started distancing himself, leading to the end of their relationship.

Concerned about her lack of periods, the lady visited the hospital again to find out what might be wrong, only to discover that her womb had been removed during the previous operation.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend was no longer alive, and accountability for the incident could not be established.



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