Mother accuses ex-partner of cutting their son's dreads out of spite
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One young lady, Kitaa Nicole, called out her baby daddy for cutting their son's dreadlocks roughly following a misunderstanding between them. She expressed her anger on Facebook and shared screenshots of her chat with her son's father, narrating the incident.

According to Kitaa, she had a disagreement with her ex-partner before sending their children to him for a night. However, when her boys returned, she was shocked to see that their father had cut off her son's dreadlocks, which the boy had been growing and loving for years. The child was hurt and embarrassed, and even refused to go back to school.

Kitaa accused her ex-partner of doing it out of spite, even though he has been a professional hairdresser for over 10 years and knew how to cut hair properly. She revealed that they had a disagreement about the twist in their son's dreadlocks, which prompted his behavior. She also shared that the father threatened to cut off their son's hair again if she ever put twist, braids, or dreadlocks in it.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling out the baby daddy for his actions. They believe that he should not have taken his frustrations out on their son and that cutting off his hair was not an appropriate punishment.


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