Mixed reactions as private school students visit a public school on an excursion
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Mixed feelings trail the decision of a private school in Port Harcourt to take her students to a public school to expose their students to the different educational structures.

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An education enthusiast, Alex Onyia identified as @winexviv on X shared the revelation, describing it as a move to motivate the students of Charles Dale Memorial School.

According to Alex, the students were taken to Igwuruta Community Secondary School to spend an entire day as public school students.

They shared the same classrooms, and playgrounds as the rest of the Govt. school students. The second phase of the exercise is said to involve the public school students visiting Charles Dale Memorial School.

“Charles Dale Memorial School sent their students to Igwuruta Community Secondary School to experience what education looks like in a public school in Port-Harcourt. They had classes together, and also experienced first hand the bad state of public schools.

This is good and it has helped exposed these children to the sad reality in Nigerian public schools,” he wrote.


The post, however, stirred mixed feelings with many describing it as a ridiculous move aimed at degrading the government school students.

The decision by Charles Dale Memorial School to expose their students to the public education system in Port Harcourt has sparked mixed reactions. Some see it as an eye-opening experience, while others criticize it as degrading to public school students.

Alex Onyia, an education enthusiast, shared this initiative on X, explaining that the students spent a day at Igwuruta Community Secondary School. They attended classes and experienced the daily life of public school students. Onyia praised the move for exposing students to the realities of public education in Nigeria.

However, the post drew varied reactions. AjeboDanny questioned whether the public school students would get a chance to visit the private school, while Ugodaniel_ highlighted the value of understanding different realities. On the other hand, harrisonJNIOR and LoveNemesisX criticized the initiative for potentially making public school students feel inferior. Akwaugonnaya_ strongly condemned the act, arguing it could harm the self-esteem and mental health of the public school students.

The contrasting opinions reveal the complexities of addressing educational inequalities and the sensitivity required in such initiatives. While some appreciate the intent to broaden perspectives, others see the potential for unintended negative consequences.