Mechanic seen working with 7-month-old baby after wife allegedly abandons them
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A Nigerian mechanic based in Calabar, was spotted with his 7-month-old little daughter, after his wife reportedly left them without notice five months ago.

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The heart-wrenching story came to light when Cornelius Ellah, a staff member of Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), visited the man’s workshop for car servicing and witnessed the mechanic multitasking between his duties and caring for his infant daughter.

Ellah described seeing the mechanic tenderly cradling his little daughter amidst the clang of tools and the bustle of the workshop at Etta Agbor layout in Calabar.

The mechanic, while sharing his story with Ellah, revealed the hardships he has faced since his wife departed to Akwa Ibom, leaving him as the sole caretaker of their daughter.

“I took my car for servicing and saw what I consider as worthy of more urgent attention than my car,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

“When I got to the mechanic’s workshop located at Etta Agbor layout in Calabar, I noticed that one of the mechanics cuddled a very tender baby on his way to the workshop.

As soon as I saw that unusual sight, I felt that the baby’s mom or someone else would join him to either take the baby back home or nurse her while he attends to work. But that wasn’t the case.

I noticed that the baby was still at the workshop when I went back there to pick my car, after several hours. She looked frail and uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, her Dad was eating groundnut and chatting loudly with other mechanics at the workshop. I felt empathy for the baby and told her that she would be a great child.

My statement was a prayer. Her Dad and other mechanics heard me and answered “amen” on her behalf.

When I asked the mechanic about the whereabouts of his wife, he said “she don run go Akwa Ibom”.

He further told me that the baby’s name is Blessing and she is 7 months old.

According to him, Blessing’s mom left him 5 months ago and he has been her sole caretaker since then.

He said “na me alone de”, when I asked him about his relatives and relatives of his “wife”. Very odd.

As we all know, a mechanic’s workshop isn’t a child-friendly place. It isn’t a creche.

This means that Blessing is deprived of a friendly environment, motherly love, family care and neighbourliness.

I told her Dad that this shouldn’t continue. I also got his permission to take a picture of him and Blessing.


In a more detailed account, Cornelius Ellah narrated his encounter with the mechanic, highlighting the challenging circumstances the man is currently facing. He shared that upon arriving at the workshop, he was surprised to see the mechanic carrying a baby. Initially, Ellah thought that the mother or another caregiver would soon come to take the baby, allowing the mechanic to focus on his work. However, as the hours passed and Ellah returned to collect his car, he observed that the baby was still at the workshop, looking frail and uncomfortable.

Ellah noted that the mechanic was juggling his professional responsibilities while caring for his daughter, a situation that moved him deeply. He described how the mechanic, despite the hardships, was tenderly looking after his daughter, named Blessing. The baby’s mother had reportedly left for Akwa Ibom five months earlier, leaving the mechanic as the sole caretaker.

Ellah expressed his concern over the mechanic's predicament, emphasizing that a workshop is not a suitable environment for a child. He highlighted the lack of a supportive and nurturing atmosphere for the baby, pointing out that Blessing was missing out on essential family care and motherly love. Ellah's interaction with the mechanic led him to offer words of encouragement and to seek permission to document their story, hoping to draw attention to the situation.

The poignant images of the mechanic and his daughter, captured by Ellah, served as a visual testament to the resilience and dedication of a father striving to provide for his child under challenging circumstances. Ellah’s heartfelt Facebook post aimed to raise awareness and perhaps inspire support for the mechanic and his young daughter, Blessing.