Mechanic given N10.8m, only received 50k reward
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Timothy, the mechanic who made headlines for returning N10.8 million that was credited to his account, has reportedly revealed that he was rewarded with a mere N50,000 for his honest act. The news was shared by a pastor identified as Chinonso Ndukwe on Facebook. According to Ndukwe, Timothy, who fixes his vehicle, confided in him about the reward after his story went viral.

Ndukwe also shared that when he met Timothy on Tuesday, the mechanic complained about health issues and looked very sick. Despite this, he had continued to provide excellent service to the pastor. After hearing about Timothy's honest deed, Ndukwe was pleased and shared a photo they took together on Facebook.

In the photo, Timothy looks visibly unwell and Ndukwe expresses his disappointment that the young mechanic only received N50,000 as a reward for returning the large sum of money to its rightful owner. Ndukwe expresses his disbelief at people's actions and the way in which they can act "unimaginably".

Another photo shared on the Facebook post shows Ndukwe and Timothy standing outside a workshop. It is clear that Ndukwe has a close relationship with Timothy and is saddened by the news that he has not been rewarded appropriately for his good deed.