Man shocks crowd with bizarre pet in public
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A man has captured the internet’s attention after a video surfaced of him strolling through a public area with an unusual pet, reportedly a Komodo dragon.

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The incident, which was shared on TikTok by user @divaoyin, has sparked widespread curiosity and debate about the identity of the creature.

In the video, the unidentified man can be seen confidently carrying what appears to be a lizard-like creature, treating it with the affection and care one might show a cherished pet.

Notably, he even lifted the animal onto his shoulder, where it rested calmly, akin to a small child.

The footage quickly went viral, drawing reactions from numerous online viewers who were astonished by the sight.

Many spectators at the scene were taken aback by the unusual display, unable to avert their gaze as the man casually interacted with the animal.

This peculiar scene has led to various speculations among netizens regarding the nature of the creature. Some believe it to be a Komodo dragon, while others argue it is more likely a monitor lizard due to its size and appearance.

The viral video has sparked a lively discussion, with users weighing in on the possibility of such exotic animals being kept as pets and the safety implications of handling them in public.

As the debate continues, the man and his extraordinary pet remain a fascinating topic of conversation online, drawing both admiration and concern from viewers worldwide.

Netizens Reactions…

God’slove34 said; “e no dey bite? see as fear dey catch me here.”

Cruz Edit replied; “E Dey bite, the tongue can do wonders.”

jenom101_on_ig said; “do y know what comodo dragon is we dont even have dem in Nigeria they r found in komodo island dats a lizard komodo r bigger and r venomous.”

Deboola said; “That’s a monitor lizard.”

Cruz Edit asked; “What kind of lizard gets this big?”

mrs baker said; “person wey get mind.”

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Is this a Komodo Drsgon in Africa?

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