Man shares pastor's prophecy that led to 9-year relationship breakup and sponsorship withdrawal, Mixed reactions follow
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In a shocking turn of events, a man has ended a nine-year-long relationship with his girlfriend after receiving a prophecy from his pastor. According to reports, the woman had been a supportive partner throughout their relationship, even going as far as taking out a loan to help fund the man's relocation abroad.

However, it seems that all of her efforts were in vain, as the man abruptly ended things after his pastor allegedly informed him that she was not the one God had chosen for him. This heart-wrenching story was shared on Facebook by a Ghanaian man named Nana Afriyie, who revealed that the lady in question was his friend.

According to Nana, the man had been pressuring his girlfriend for money, and she had taken out a loan to help him out. Eventually, the man got an opportunity to travel abroad to practice nursing, but he needed more money for connections. Despite the financial strain this put on the woman, she continued to support him.

Before the man left, they decided to have a formal marriage ceremony, and he consulted with his pastor about the matter. Shockingly, the pastor advised him to end things with his girlfriend and choose another woman from their church instead.

Nana described the man's actions as "vulnerable and stupid," as he left his girlfriend after nine years of being together. The woman is now said to be in a deep state of distress, as she tries to come to terms with the sudden end of their relationship.

The story has stirred up mixed reactions on social media, with some people applauding the man for listening to his pastor, while others have criticized him for his actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the power that religious figures can hold over their followers, and the devastating consequences that can result from blindly following their advice.

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