Man sends N10K airtime and 25GB to a woman to impress her
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A young man recently shared a heartwarming story on social media involving his wealthy friend's attempt to impress a beautiful lady. According to the post, the rich friend acquired the lady's phone number without her knowledge from her sister's phone. Without wasting any time, he promptly sent her N10,000 worth of airtime and a generous 25GB data bundle as a gesture of his interest.

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To add an element of surprise, the rich friend immediately called the lady's number and pretended that he had mistakenly sent the airtime and data to the wrong person. In response, the lady apologized and inquired about how she could refund the generous gift. However, the kind-hearted rich friend insisted that she keep it, stating that he was enchanted by her golden voice.

The story went on to describe how the lady smiled and expressed her gratitude, thanking him in Hausa by saying "Nagode Allah Saka Da Alkheri Please Miye Sunan Ka" (meaning "Thank you, God bless you abundantly, please let me have your name"). The rich friend was delighted by her response and gladly shared his name, touched by her kindness.

The heartwarming tale quickly gained attention on social media, with many applauding the rich friend's gesture and the lady's graciousness. The story serves as a reminder that sometimes even small acts of kindness can create lasting connections and leave a positive impact on people's lives.

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