Man married to Nigerian woman's cousin in Ibadan, later marries her in America, causing online reactions
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian woman has sparked reactions online with her revelation about accidentally marrying a man who had previously wedded her cousin in Ibadan. The woman claims to have met and married the man in America without knowing his past history with her relative. However, after she posted their wedding photos on social media, her family members reached out to her and informed her about the man's previous marriage. Despite the fact that the man and her cousin are now divorced, her family is pressuring her to leave him.

In response to her story, online users expressed diverse views on the matter. Some commenters suggested that the woman should stay with her husband if he truly loves her, while others advised her to consider quitting the marriage. Meanwhile, one netizen jokingly remarked that in Nigeria, everyone is related as cousins.

It remains unclear whether the woman will heed her family's advice and leave her husband or stick with him despite his past. The incident has generated significant interest and commentary on social media platforms.