Man in UK loses job after fellow Nigerian reports him for sleeping on duty
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A young man reportedly loses his job in the UK after being reported by his colleague and fellow Nigerian for sleeping on duty.

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A social media influencer, @Wizarab10, narrated how a lady reported her colleague for sleeping on the job while they worked a night shift together.

The duo was said to have gotten along so well during the night on the job before he fell asleep instead of utilizing the dedicated hours of sleep.

However, once she returned home, she sent an email to their employer, which resulted in the man’s dismissal.

“Nigerians in the UK are very ridiculous. Babe reported her work colleague for sleeping during the night shift. This is supported living at home. You can easily take turns to sleep. They gisted normally and wrote an official report. Babe went home and sent an email to the employer, and they dismissed the guy,” he wrote.

Upon hearing the narration, another Nigerian in the diaspora shared a similar incident where a lady falsely accused her fellow countryman of inappropriate acts at work.

In her words, “The company I work for, staff are 90% Nigerians. One lady accused a fellow Nigerian guy of occasionally slapping the bum and touching the cheeks of a female client during visits.”

“Just because he gets cross with her for always arriving late to visits.”

“Knowing how serious such allegations are taken in this country and how he can lose his COS or even be imprisoned for it.”

“The guy’s luck was that he’s a bit close to the Manager, and the Manager knows he’s not capable of doing that.”

“She still doesn’t know the Manager informed the guy of her report. Nigerians are wicked in this life. Forget.”