Man gets stuck while attempting to break into church to steal money
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A suspected thief who broke into a church to steal money became stuck during his attempted escape, causing a stir among the local community.

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It was gathered that the young man snuck into the church with the intent to steal money but encountered an unexpected obstacle on his way out.

Suspected thief gets stuck.

After carrying out his mission, he wanted to escape via the window, but the burglary hooked his arms and he got stuck.

The clip that was shared online shows the young man crying out to be freed after crowd of people had gathered.

It wasn’t revealed whether he succeeded in stealing anything from the church.

A caption on the clip read:

“A thief got stuck in the window of a church building while trying to exit after a mission to steal money from the church”

Read the comments below:

mrfunny1_ said: “Touch his armpit”

veevyann_ said: “Safe to say God arrested him”

kongbolete said: “Make dem dey use chicken feather rub his body …”

gloriablaqq said: “Tickle him let him dance small heaven knows Dz is what I will do if I am there”

iamcy_rodriguez said: “The wrong place to come and steal. what God can not do does not exist”

olivialuxurywigs said: “Whatever you do in life, avoid God’s wrath”

billydiamond7 said: “He said he’s been there for a day plus cox the church is located where people don’t leave around so no one has been there to help him out, so he’s begging for them to let him out so he can eat, cox he says he is hungry”

rhymz_ftown said: “True definition of ‘God catch you'”

Watch the video below: