Man explains his decision to no longer allow women to stay overnight at his place
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A [b]Nigerian man[/b] captivates many with his revelation about why he decided to stop ladies from spending the night at his place. In a widely circulated video, he recounts a chilling experience with a lady he met online, which prompted his decision.

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The lady proposed to sleep over, and although he was initially reluctant, he eventually agreed, assuming nothing significant would occur. They engaged in a lengthy conversation before retiring at 11 pm. However, he awoke at 1 am to find her staring at him, and the unsettling occurrence repeated at 3 am, preventing him from sleeping.

The following morning, she offered to cook for him, but when he declined, she became upset, leading to a tense situation. She eventually departed at 11 am, and despite his attempts, he was unable to contact her for an entire year before finally deleting her contact information.

Check out some reactions that followed

Stephen_King remarked: "You're the one waking up at night... If I've slept, it's till morning."

Brooda John commented: "Why didn't he have anointing oil and a Bible to pray when she seemed strange."

CHARLEY joked: "You ended up with an Edo girl who's got issues 👁️"

Awesome joked: "Continue letting them in, you guys don't listen to advice."

Gator quipped: "You've encountered your lifelong Ogbanje 😂"

OLA MI LEKAN noted: "She was on a mission, but your head was strong."