Man discovers wife cheating with 7 men, left heartbroken
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Kenyan man shared a story about how he discovered his wife's infidelity with multiple men. In an interview with TukoTalks, the man, who loved his wife wholeheartedly, explained that he did everything he could to make her life comfortable. He even claimed to have loved her at 101%, but after finding out about her philandering ways, his love for her dropped to 50%.

The man revealed that he found evidence of his wife's infidelity with seven different men, to whom she was sending provocative pictures and discussing sexual matters. He discovered this when he saw the messages she was sending after Valentine's Day, which included pictures of the gifts he had given her. In addition, she had forwarded screenshots of her conversations with her husband to her lovers, making fun of him and even calling him an "idiot."

The man's heartbreaking story has been making the rounds on social media, with many expressing their sympathies for him. Some have also used the opportunity to caution others against infidelity, reminding them of the hurt it can cause.

In other news, a married Nigerian woman named Nnenna has warned women to stop greeting other people's husbands. This came after a Facebook user shared how a woman in her street warned her to stay away from her husband, even though she only greeted him. Nnenna reacted to the post by stating that she also would not tolerate another woman greeting her man.