Man devastated as fiancée leaves him for a foreigner weeks before wedding
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A Nigerian man is devastated as his fiancée dumps him for a foreigner, just a few weeks before their wedding.

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The heartbroken man took to social media to lament his heartbreak while showing a video capturing their wedding card.


The man, known as @bigmiller09, hadn’t known that his wife-to-be was having a lowkey relationship with a foreigner, despite agreeing to marry him.

When it came time to choose, the fiancée chose the foreigner over him.

He lamented over how wicked the world can be since he hadn’t expected such a betrayal from her.

“Our wedding is just 29th of June, and she just left me for a white man. This world is wicked,” he captioned the video.

Check out reactions that followed …

@De Oshilonya1997 said: “Forget about her, change the name when dey Invitation card, let’s get married, case closed.”

@Alexis said: “Personally am happy. She make good choice. God bless her.”

@Peggy said: “Any woman that can do should do, a guy have been dating for one year plus just left me like that.”

@star said: “It’s unfortunate but people do meet that special someone even few day bf their wedding. It gives you room to meet a woman meant for you.”

@bicedigger said: “I married the last reasonable Nigerian for this generation i will always advice guys to look outside Nigeria, go to Uganda, Kenya, n co homely girls dey.”

Watch the video below …



This world is wicked💔😭😭😭

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