Man blasts his dad for forgiving mum after she cheated on him
Posted by badgeRaphael on 0

A man has gone online to express disappointment in his father for being too soft to forgive his mother’s act of adultery.

According to the man identified with the handle @Vhoyde on Twitter, his mother had cheated on his dad before he was even born.

He said that he never looked at his father the same way again when he found out and would have preferred it if he had left her.

The man added that he believes that a woman cheating on his man is worse than the other way around.

When one netizen asked if it were his dad that cheated on his mum, would he expect her to stay; @Vhoyde replied affirmatively, stating that tradition dictates so.

He wrote:

“I found out my dad took my mom back after cheating and I never looked at him the same again. Soft.

I wasn’t even born yet but I still think he should’ve left her

I’ve always believed that a woman cheating is worse and should never be forgiven. 

Thank you for validating this 😂”