Man asks girlfriend how she obtained money for her new iPhone in a video
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One video surfaced on social media where a man was seen angrily confronting his girlfriend after she purchased a brand-new iPhone XS Max and gold earrings. The man was suspicious and asked his girlfriend where she got the money to make the purchase. He suspected that she might have taken the money from him or received it from another man. The woman defended herself by claiming that it was contribution money, but the man did not believe her and went on to assault her in front of their friends who were pleading with him to stop.

The video has stirred reactions from netizens who expressed outrage at the man's actions and some felt that the lady was too dependent on him. One user pointed out that the man must have known that the woman was jobless and heavily dependent on him for him to be thinking that someone gave her the phone. They also advised women to practice self-sufficiency in togetherness to avoid such situations. Another user suggested that the woman should have something doing so that she can afford some things too, to avoid overdependence on the man.

Several reactions have followed the video, with many people condemning the man's actions and calling for justice for the woman. The incident has once again raised concerns about domestic violence, particularly against women, and the need to address it. It is important for couples to have open communication and trust in their relationships to avoid such misunderstandings.

Watch the video below,

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