Lady shares photo of mum with regretful note
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A young lady caused a stir on TikTok when she expressed her deep resentment towards her biological mother whom she went as far as tagging as a "wicked witch". In a post shared on the platform, the lady shared a photo of her mother along with a sad note expressing her regret for ever knowing her mother. She maintained that nothing can change her hatred for her mother and expressed her deep disappointment that her mother who claims to be a woman of God, does not act accordingly to the things of God. She prayed for karma to eventually catch up with her mother for everything she has done, indicating that she hates her mother for life and nothing can ever change her hatred for her.

The lady's post generated a lot of reactions from other users of the platform. While some sympathized with her and shared similar experiences, others expressed their surprise and questioned why anyone would hate their own mother. Some even went as far as suggesting that she must have a personal vendetta against her mother or that she probably voted for a political figure they disapprove of. However, one user urged the lady to forgive her mother, citing that some parents hurt their children badly and act like nothing happened.

Despite the mixed reactions, the young lady's post has continued to generate a lot of attention on the platform, with many users expressing their sympathy and support for her situation.

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#CapCut I hate you for life and nothing can ever change my hatred for you,  you call yourself a woman of God but can’t act accordingly to the things of God. Karma will surely catch up with you at the right time#trending #tiktok #wickedmother

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