Lady seeks wife for mentally unstable uncle, believes only true love's kiss can set him free
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A Nigerian woman took to Facebook to seek help for her mentally unstable 44-year-old uncle, who is in need of a spouse. Despite his mental health challenges, the woman highlighted that he poses no harm and does not display aggressive behavior, although he occasionally wanders off and returns after some months.

The woman emphasized the importance of continuing the family name and mentioned that her uncle has significant wealth due to inherited assets, including extensive land and plantations in the eastern part of the country. She explained that her uncle is the first son of her aunt, who is a second wife.

In her Facebook post, she expressed the family's desire for her uncle to find a wife and stated that they were informed that only true love's kiss can free him from spiritual bondage. She described her uncle as harmless, non-verbal, and having lost his reasoning due to evil forces. Despite his age, he has never had any romantic relationship.

The woman also outlined potential benefits for the prospective wife, such as going on vacations and even giving birth abroad. If the wife desired to pursue education, the family would consider it after she delivers their child. Alternatively, if she has entrepreneurial skills, she could join the family bakery business.

Accompanying the Facebook post were images providing additional context about her uncle and the family's situation.

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