Lady heartbroken by boyfriend after being asked to pound yam for him
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian lady shared a heartbreaking experience about a man she was talking to, who broke her heart after inviting her over to his place in Yaba, Lagos. The lady identified on Twitter as @Tunmishe_a revealed that the man had asked her to prepare pounded yam for him, only for her to discover that he already had a fiancée whom he would soon get married to.

According to Tunmishe_a, she had gone through all the tedious process of preparing the heavy meal for the man, only to find out that he was not single. The experience left her heartbroken and disappointed.

In her words, "Randomly remembered when a guy I was with in a talking stage invited me to his place in Yaba and he was craving pounded yam and I made it. Just to find out he has a babe abi fiancee Imao."

The incident has generated reactions from social media users, with many sympathizing with the lady and condemning the man's actions. It serves as a reminder to always be careful and vigilant when dealing with people in the talking stage, as they may not always have the best intentions.