Lady feels sad seeing former wealthy friend working as bus driver
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian lady, Ngozi, shared a heartbreaking story on Twitter about her encounter with a once-rich friend who now works as a bus driver and is broke. According to her, the friend used to be wealthy and generous, often giving her money during their NYSC program. However, Ngozi was shocked to discover that he is now struggling financially and working as a bus driver. She wonders what could have happened to him between 2019 and 2023. During their meeting, Ngozi noticed that her friend was ashamed of his current situation. She expressed her sadness and disappointment, noting that her friend's downfall is a reminder of life's unpredictability. The post was accompanied by pictures of Lagos bus drivers, adding to the context of her friend's current job.

She noted:

“It’s heartbreaking when u see ur frd who used to be rich and now a bus driver. What happened to him btw 2019-2023. I had to meet him, he was so ashamed. This guy used to dash me money then in nysc 20k, 30k . My night is ruined”

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