Lady faces criticism for posting video of her receding hairline while discussing the location of the next world cup
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One young lady has found herself the target of intense online criticism after sharing a video of herself flaunting her receding hairline on TikTok. In the video, the lady expresses her distress over the state of her hairline and asks her followers to bear with her. She captions the video with the words: "Lift your head let me see your hairline. This is how ill mourn my hairline bear with me."

However, the lady's attempt to share her vulnerability and garner support from her followers was met with harsh criticism and mockery. Some commenters poked fun at the state of her hairline, with one saying "That’s not a line that’s a yard.. an empty one😭." Another commenter joked that her hairline was so far back that it was "where the next World Cup will be held."

Despite the negative comments, some of her followers expressed sympathy with her plight. One commenter noted, "I thought I didn’t have a hairline 😧." Another wrote, "Not even the government could make me post this😭."

The video has sparked a wider conversation online about the pressure women face to conform to beauty standards, and the double standard that exists when it comes to male and female hair loss. While it's unfortunate that this young lady has been subjected to ridicule and criticism, it's important to remember that she's not alone in her struggle, and that there are many resources available to help people dealing with hair loss.

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😭😭this is how ill mourn my hairline bear w me 🥹🤲🏽😂#fyp #knotlessbraids #tiktokkenya🇰🇪

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