Lady ends 7-month relationship upon discovering boyfriend's real name is Bashiru, not Bash, and that he had lied to her
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Twitter user recently shared a story about a Nigerian lady who ended her seven-month relationship with her boyfriend after discovering that his real name is Bashiru, and not Bash. According to the Twitter user, who claimed to be a friend of the lady, she broke up with her boyfriend because she felt ashamed of his real name and didn't want to tell her friends that her boyfriend's name was Bashiru.

The tweet sparked mixed reactions, with some people faulting the lady's actions and others defending her. One Twitter user, @ademola_daniel_Bashir, joked that he had suffered because of his last name, but was grateful to have a wife. Another user, @i.amjosh, suggested that women who want to break up with someone will always find a reason, no matter how small. @carphy_flinks jokingly announced her real name, Kafilat, in case anyone wanted to date her, while @luxuryb_11 questioned what the couple had been doing in their relationship for seven months, implying that there must have been more significant issues at play than just the boyfriend's name.

Screenshots of the conversation between the Twitter user and his friend were also shared in the post, showing the friend's disappointment and frustration with her boyfriend. While some people may view the lady's actions as shallow or superficial, it's important to remember that everyone has their own preferences and dealbreakers in relationships. Ultimately, it's up to each individual to decide what they can and cannot tolerate in a partner, and it's not our place to judge them for it.