Labour Party official claims agents forced to sign Badagry LGA election results at gunpoint
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

The alleged incident of an agent being forced to sign an election result sheet at gunpoint in Lagos has been reported by the Labour Party.

The party claimed that the female agent was made to sign the sheet under duress after reporting that the party had polled 28,951 votes. However, she later refuted the report, saying that the actual votes were 29,222.
There have been reports of chaos in some parts of Nigeria over the election, which took place on February 25th. Although many people pledged their vote for presidential candidate Peter Obi, there have been discrepancies in the provisional results from some polling units.

An official of the Labour Party disclosed that her complaint was subject to debate because her party’s agent signed the result sheet under duress and at gunpoint.

“The agent reported to me he had to sign at gunpoint. That’s exactly what happened”.