Kenyan woman claims Cubana Chief Priest blocked her after she became pregnant
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In the news, a Kenyan woman has alleged that she had a baby with Nigerian celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest, despite his denial. In a video, the woman claims that she met Cubana Chief Priest in Lagos and that he blocked her after she got pregnant and returned to Kenya. 

She also claimed that when she sent pictures of the baby to him, he responded with a vomiting emoji. The woman has requested that a DNA test be carried out to confirm paternity.

In a video narration, the lady stated that she met Cubana Chief Priest in Lagos [/b]following her visit to the country for a friend’s party. The Kenyan lady alleged that after getting pregnant and returning to Kenya, Cubana Chief Priest told her to keep the baby but blocked her afterwards.

She also alleged that when she had the baby and forwarded the pictures of the child to the billionaire businessman, he responded with a ‘vomiting emoji.’

The new mother, however, pleads to Chief Priest to go ahead with the DNA [/b]test as required other than the denial and suffering she’s going through.

Watch the video below …