I'll send my wife back to her dad if she talks back to me
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian man, David Agbo recently shared his controversial views on marriage and relationships on Facebook. He stated that if his wife were to ever talk back to him, he would immediately send her back to her father's house. In his opinion, a wife should not expect to be equal with her husband, especially since he had used his hard-earned money to marry her.

Furthermore, David added that if his wife were to ever do something wrong to him, she must kneel down and apologize. He firmly believes that a wife should show respect to her husband as her lord, just as God commands. He wrote: "Any day my wife dared to talk back at me, It will Equally be the same day I will send her out of my house, She will go back to her Papa compound straight. I can not marry you with my hard earned money and u expect me to be Equal with you in my own house I used my money to build, Not your papa money. She must kneel down and beg me anytime she did something wrong to me, SIMPLE. She must Equally Respect me As her lord just like God commands."

David's views on marriage have been met with backlash from many people on social media, with some calling his statements sexist and outdated. Others have expressed concern for any woman who may be in a relationship with David and encouraged her to leave the toxic situation.

Regardless of one's opinion on David's views, it is important to remember that every individual deserves respect and should not be subjected to any form of abuse or mistreatment in a relationship.