“I still love them” – Lady says after finding out that her Chinese family kidnapped her as a baby (Video)
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A young black girl has revealed how a Chinese family allegedly kidnapped her from the hospital when she was a baby.

She however revealed that despite knowing that she was kidnapped, she still loves them and considers them as her real family.

In her words:

“You think cheating hurts? imagine being with Chinese people your whole life who looks you dead in the face and tells you they love you but you end up finding out that they kidnapped you at the hospital as a baby. That should literally ruin you.

“I understand that they kidnapped me but I don’t like when people don’t consider them my real family they literally made me the person I am today🥰🥰..

“Even tho I was kidnapped out of the hospital by this Chinese man as a baby I still love him I was raised so well🥰🥰🥺.”

Watch the video below:

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I’m over it specially because they raised me so well💕💕🥰#GetCrackin #fyp #foryou #foryouoage #china #chinese #covid #covid #covid19  #family