Heartbroken man messages girlfriend after breakup
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With hot tears rolling down his eyes, a Nigerian man sends a message to his girlfriend who dumped him, leaving his heart shattered. His emotional turmoil was evident as he struggled to cope with the heartbreak.

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A social media user identified as @pablobj34 took to the video-sharing platform, TikTok, to relive the pain of being dumped by the woman he loved deeply. He expressed his grief openly, hoping to find some solace in sharing his story with others who might understand his pain.

According to the young man, he randomly remembered a cherished memory of their love, which triggered loads of emotions and caused him to break down in tears. The flood of memories was too much for him to bear, and he found himself overwhelmed by the intensity of his feelings.

Sharing a video of himself weeping bitterly, he cursed his now ex-girlfriend, blaming her for causing him immense pain. The video captured the rawness of his emotions, showing just how deeply he had been affected by the breakup.

“Just remember something about her now😩💔😭, Adunni, e no go better for you,” he wrote, expressing his anguish and frustration. His words reflected the deep hurt and anger he felt towards the woman who had once meant everything to him.

Watch the video below …


Just remember something about her now😩💔😭

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