Hairdresser nearly enters trance while cutting customer's hair (Video)
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One video circulating online captured the attention of social media users, depicting the moment when  a hairdresser almost transitioned into a spiritual trance-like state while attending to a customer. The video shows the hairdresser carrying out her hair making duties on the customer while listening to a song when a sudden feeling seemed to take hold of her. Suddenly, she screamed and held up her hands to her head, as if the origin of the sudden sensation had come from her head. The hairdresser then gradually came back to herself and resumed attending to the customer, who maintained surprising composure throughout the ordeal.

In the video, the hairdresser's reaction to the song she was listening to seemed to have triggered some sort of spiritual or trance-like state, which left many social media users confused and worried about her well-being. Some viewers expressed concern, with one social media user, adeoluolatomide, stating that they would not visit the salon again due to the strange occurrence. Another user, originaldemmy, suggested that people should know better than to play songs like this around people that easily go into a trance, adding that the song triggers the trance-like state. On the other hand, some users made light of the situation, with precious.emmasd jokingly suggesting that they should have wiped her with an oraimo cord, and belindaoma expressing that she would have left the salon if she were the customer in the video.

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Watch the video below:

— Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) March 14, 2023