Groom's inappropriate behavior with another woman causes drama at wedding despite his wife's presence
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0
One video depicts a bride getting upset and leaving her wedding after her husband danced romantically with another lady, despite her several attempts to stop him. 


The video has sparked reactions from Instagram users who commented on the situation. Some users blamed the woman dancing with the husband, while others criticized the groom for disrespecting his wife. One user suggested that the bride should have slapped the woman dancing with her husband instead of pushing her away.

Reacting to the video, @_m.o.n.e.z_ said: “The dancing demon knows what she’s doing. She’s seeking attention from what seems like her man too. It has been going on for a long time. it hasn’t started there at the dance floor. Nowadays side chicks attend family gatherings too. They mingle with their friends and colleagues and they know all about it. None of your husband’s friends he’s your friend they know he’s cheating on you and you still lying your face we’ve never seen our brother this happy.”


@sortitudennamdi said: “From this comment section I see say una take everything too serious that’s why una relationship no dey last.”

@angelchristopher questioned: “This is so wrong, why pusher when you can just slap her?”

@prince_izuu said: “Guy you no try joor, respect your woman if you are ready to be her man or better stay single.”

Watch the video below: