Family buries pastor after 2-year wait for his resurrection
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The Miracle Centre in Johannesburg's north has finally laid to rest its founder, Siva Moodley, 579 days after he passed away at the age of 53. The South African pastor had died on August 15, 2021, after becoming ill, but his family kept his corpse at a mortuary in Johannesburg, hoping for his resurrection. Moodley was known for his belief that "no Christian should die from sickness," which he often preached to his followers. However, after two years of waiting, his family and church members gave up on the hope of his return to life.

The funeral home manager, Martin du Toit, had asked the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court for permission to bury or cremate Moodley's body, but the court had not assigned a date for the case to be heard. Eventually, Moodley's family decided to proceed with the burial, and he was laid to rest in a cemetery in Johannesburg.

Despite Moodley's absence, the services at The Miracle Centre continued to operate, conducted by his wife, Jessie, his son, David, and his daughter, Kathryn Jade. The church broadcasted its services online, but it was criticized for failing to update its membership on Moodley's whereabouts and for not publicly mourning his passing on social media. Moodley's social media profiles remained active, with regular uploads and tweets that appeared to be from him.

When approached by local media, staff from The Miracle Centre refused to comment, citing a policy that prevented them from doing so. The church has not released any official statement on the burial of its founder.