Elderly Nigerian couple holding hands on road melts hearts, proves true love exists
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An elderly couple has captured the hearts of netizens after a video of their public display of affection surfaced online. The beautiful woman was seen holding onto her man's hands as they took a stylish walk on the road. Captioning the video on TikTok, @roll-boy wrote, "True love is hard to find but believe it exists ❤️😍😍."

Netizens who commented on the video were touched by the couple's affection and some offered relationship advice to young couples. One user, @Traysie8, suggested that the man's loyalty to his wife when he was young might be the reason why they still love each other. The user added that showing love to one's partner can make them happy forever. @greatnessdarlingt urged people to work for blessings and treat their partners well, while @Infinity-water called on everyone to do more for the elderly, as they are important in society.

Another user, @hawawuaziz497, joked that she could never hold her enemy like that in her old age and suggested that the man must have been there for his wife when they were young. @giantwhales was moved to tears by the video and urged men to treat their women well. @ezenwamorris0 praised Enugu state women, stating that they are wonderful and this video was one of the reasons he decided to marry from there.

The heartwarming video has touched many people online, showing that true love does exist and can stand the test of time.

Watch the video above to see the couple's heartwarming display of affection.


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