Daddy Freeze believes Yul's explanation to May could have changed everything regarding the polygamy controversy
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Media personality Daddy Freeze has expressed his thoughts on the polygamy controversy involving Yul Edochie and his first wife, May Edochie. The marital issues within the Edochie family have been making headlines in Nigeria, and Daddy Freeze took the opportunity to share his perspective on the ongoing rift. His response came in the context of a video posted by Instagram vlogger Tunde Ednut, featuring Don Jazzy discussing his views on relationships during a podcast with Nedu Wazobia.

Don Jazzy, the Mavin boss, stated that he is not inclined to stick with one woman and believes he may meet someone he likes but doesn't envision himself falling in love with just one person for the rest of his life. He expressed his perspective by saying, "I wouldn't be able to process the fact that if I like this person every other person should go to hell. As of now, in my life, when that butterfly hits me as it hits you people when you fall in love, maybe I will then say every other person is f*cked and this is who I like."

Daddy Freeze reacted to Don Jazzy's comment in the comment section of Tunde Ednut's post. He opined that if Yul Edochie had explained to his wife from the beginning that he is a polygamist and cannot be monogamous, the current issues within their marriage would not have arisen. Daddy Freeze expressed his viewpoint by stating, "If Yul Had Told May This, there won't be any issues today. Me, l get butterflies for @tastebudzng sha. But I understand him perfectly."

Accompanying his statement, Daddy Freeze shared a photo of himself and also mentioned his admiration for a brand called @tastebudzng. The image embedded in the post appears to be related to the ongoing discussion on polygamy and features Yul Edochie.