Corper honors and thanks brother for funding her education
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Corper shows appreciation in a unique way in a viral video as she marches and salutes her brother for funding her university education.[/b]

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The corper who recently passed out of the NYSC scheme decided to show gratitude to her brother.

Corper and her brother.

In a video that was shared online, the corper was seen fully kitted in her NYSC uniform.

She marched towards her brother and threw a sharp salute to him.

Her brother hugged her as she got emotional and started shedding tears.

Check out reactions that followed …

m.m.a_j said: “Those that drop tears gather here”

iamojuolapeayaba said: “If you cried or teared up, gather here”

bareskinnatural said: “Here are 2 good humans, a kind one and a grateful one!!! The best type of humans you can ask for”

electrifycraftsworld remarked: “That sweeper no get joy at all. How can she still be sweeping instead of crying”

realwarripikin wrote; “And pls is your brother single?”

home_solutions_ng stated: “Tell me to stop crying I’m inside brt for Godsake and people are looking”

lepaciousbose commented: “So why am I crying??? Untop video and I don’t even know them. Such an emotional moment. God bless you both”

realwarripikin stated: “Awwww God bless him”

tmtpilot penned: “May God financially bless every young man or woman solving family problems for their families”

Watch video below …