Caught in the Act: Ex-boyfriend's Shocking Encounter with 'Mom
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A lady recently shared a shocking and disturbing incident on TikTok. In her video, she recounted the harrowing experience of catching her ex-boyfriend engaging in intimate activities with a woman he claimed to be his mother. The incident took place in the kitchen late at night, when the lady went to fetch a glass of water. To her astonishment, she discovered her ex-boyfriend and the woman in a compromising situation. Understandably shaken, she confronted them, but they attempted to deceive her by suggesting that she had been sleepwalking. However, the following night, she overheard them engaging in similar activities, confirming her initial suspicions. The lady's TikTok post included a screenshot capturing her written account of the incident. The incident has garnered significant attention and sparked a mix of shock and disbelief among netizens.

“Remembering the time I caught my ex and his mum making out in the kitchen when I went to get a glass of water and they tried to convince me that I was sleep walking but I heard them doing the deed the next night,” she wrote.

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