Canadian man aims to train 10 Yahoo Boys as Software Engineers
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

[p]A Canada-based lawyer named Enyinnaya Nwosu has sparked a lot of interest among social media users after he announced his intentions to help Nigerian internet fraudsters, commonly known as Yahoo Boys, turn their lives around. According to a post on his Twitter page, Nwosu wants to assist 10 Yahoo Boys to redirect their tech skills into legitimate careers in the industry, specifically as app developers or software engineers.

Nwosu made his announcement on Twitter, stating, "I am looking for 10 Yahoo boys who are willing to leave Yahoo and use their IT skills in App development /software engineering."

Some Twitter users had their doubts, with one user stating that "60 percent of yahoo boys don’t have any IT skills. What they do is copy and paste, buy software that was developed by IT gurus and later they’ll do some juju to manipulate their clients." Another user added, "Yahoo guys don’t have Tech skills, they have only communication and negotiating skills, and they are not ready to spend time into learning codes."

Despite the skepticism, Nwosu's offer has received a lot of attention and support from those who see it as a positive step towards addressing the issue of internet fraud in Nigeria. Some users even offered to assist Nwosu in his efforts to train Yahoo Boys as software engineers.