Bride price payment equals payment for life – Marriage counselor
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One marriage counselor caused quite a stir online after making a controversial statement regarding the payment of bride price in marriage. Jane Chukwu, a relationship expert, took to Facebook to offer advice to women on how to keep their marriages strong. In her post, she claimed that a woman's life is tied to the bride price paid by her husband, stating that the payment of the bride price by a man seals his complete ownership of his partner's life. According to Chukwu, this means that a woman's life is no longer hers, and that she must now live to please her husband and make him happy all the days of his life. [/b]

While some people agreed with Chukwu's statement, many others disagreed and expressed their thoughts on the matter. One person with the username deyemitheactor wrote, "Who is this one now? Even me wey be traditional man no fit gree for this rubbish!" Another user named official_lulu suggested that women should simply marry men who don't think like Chukwu, saying, "Just marry a man that won't think like this Aunty here. Thank you 😒." Meanwhile, davidchisom60 argued that marriage should be built on a relationship rather than the payment of a bride price, stating, "Meaning a woman automatically has sold herself to you because you are operating 'slave trade.' Better know that marriage is built on a relationship. The better you understand that you work out the submission through love and commitment the better for you." Another user named leochard1 posed an interesting question, asking, "What if they return the bride price? Does that mean they returned your life? 👏👏"