Benue doctor apologizes for sharing confidential patient information on Facebook, denies performing any surgery on the patient
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[p]A medical doctor named Kadev Kenneth Kelvin has retracted his previous accusation and apologized publicly to the person he had accused of cyberstalking. The doctor was taken into custody by a Benue State Magistrate Court and placed in the Federal Correctional Complex in Makurdi on Tuesday.

According to reports, the doctor had published a Facebook post on March 12, 2023, claiming that he had performed surgery on Bemgba Iortyom, the Peoples Democratic Party’s publicity officer for Benue State, after the latter was sodomized in an Abuja jail in 2017. However, in a subsequent Facebook post, Dr. Kadev clarified that he had never met the complainant in person and had never performed any surgical procedures on him.

In his apology, the doctor stated that he had exchanged insults with Mr. Iortyom after the latter had written malicious posts about the doctor's principal and spiritual guardian, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia PhD. He further added that his words were mere insults and lacked substance, and that insults are not meant to please anyone. He admitted that he had never seen Mr. Iortyom in person and had never performed any surgery on him. He regretted his actions and asked that everyone look beyond this lapse on his part as it was not in his character. The doctor also forgave Mr. Iortyom for what he said and called on him to do the same. He concluded by thanking everyone.