A woman is devastated after her husband impregnates her twin sister, claiming he wanted to surprise her because she is infertile
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A lady [/b]has taken to social media to share her devastating story of how her husband allegedly impregnated her identical twin sister amidst their struggle with infertility.

The anonymous message, addressed to TikTok user @mrsbelleblake, detailed the heart-wrenching ordeal of the young woman who had been trying to conceive with her husband for over six and a half years.

According to the message, the lady, who remains unidentified, disclosed that both she and her twin sister had starkly different fertility statuses: while she faced challenges conceiving, her sister did not.

Surprisingly, her husband and twin sister reportedly conspired to conceive a child together without her knowledge or consent.

In her words;

“My husband slept with my sister so we can have a baby. Firstly, I have an identical sister, and I have fertility problems; she does not. My husband and I have been struggling to have a baby for the last six and a half years. Without telling me, my sister and my husband decided to sleep together to get pregnant and surprise me with the news that they are having a baby. My sister wants me to raise her baby. After she slept with my husband, it is not fine because it’s like surrogacy, but it’s not the same thing. Genetically, it’s my baby. My sister said it’s not a big deal and that she is happy to do it for me. But this is not the same as surrogacy. This is not the same as my egg being implanted in her through fertility treatment. She slept with my husband, and my husband says it’s not cheating, but it is basically the same because we are genetically identical, and it’s the same body part.”

Netizens Reactions…

Itzell Martinez said; “Divorce and go no contact with both of them.”

Cj said; “I’m thinking they accidentally got pregnant and went with ” surprise, look what we did for you!”

Nikki Morales said; “No that is DEFINITELY something that should have been discussed with you first!.”

Artistic Lily said; “Huge red flags. Now that they crossed that line they will continue to cross it.”

user6192071415113 said; “Total betrayal.”

Texas GG said; “Get out now and don’t look back!!.

Brandie Allon said; “As a twin myself, I would be OK with this if I couldn’t have children, if it was discussed by all parties first!I’m so sorry girl!”

julienicholebooks said; “Wrong on so many levels. I’m sorry.”

Ginger said; “I’m sorry …I can’t imagine your feeling of betrayal.”

Dee Holland said; “You have to run away from this situation! They have created a horrible mess!!”

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