A Nigerian woman tearfully visits her ex-boyfriend's grave, despite a history of cheating, expressing deep sorrow over his loss
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A Nigerian lady cries profusely as she visits her late ex-boyfriend‘s grave, remembering him despite his infidelity before his death.

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This was revealed in a recent video that garnered attention on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady mourns at ex-boyfriend’s grave despite past infidelity.

In the video, the lady is seen sitting beside a grave believed to be that of her ex-boyfriend, touching it and crying.

Her actions indicate that she mourns and still misses her ex-boyfriend, despite everything he did to her before his death.

The emotional video captured the interest of many social media users, who flooded the comment section with their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

Best Of Oblate: “When girls love a man they love with all their heart 😢😩.”

Favourite Kim: “same thing happened to me in 2019. july 13th. since then till now, I’ve not met a guy that treats me the way he treated me, i miss him. Rest on.”

MAMA❤🥀📌: “some soul can’t just be replaced 💔.”

LONER 🫀👻: “So much stress for a life that can be taken anytime 😔 rip to the department soul we have lost to 2024 💔.”

queen: “God please protect me and my family including my man I don’t pray to lose any of them Bec only God if will make 😭🙏.”

Berthy: “please God keep guiding that soul that hurt me this way I always want to see him healthy and happy please.”

AM THE KING OF MY KINGDOM ❤️💖: “Why can’t the dead come physically to those who always remember them.”

mhiz Bella: “God protect me and my family 🙏 and my man 🙏.”

prettyeddy2: “I know how it’s feels my dear have been here before uptill now still remember that young man.”



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