A Nigerian woman received jewelry, bags, shoes, and more when her boyfriend proposed on her 24th birthday
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A Nigerian woman became the center of attention after her boyfriend surprised her with an array of luxurious gifts, including jewelry, shoes, clothing, and bags, along with a marriage proposal on her 24th birthday.

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The revelation came through a video she shared on TikTok, where she appeared visibly overjoyed.

Nigerian lady overjoyed as boyfriend proposes on her 24th birthday.

In the video, she proudly displayed the gifts, emphasizing they were all from her devoted boyfriend, who had orchestrated the surprise to mark her recent birthday.

The footage then transitioned to a scene where she and her boyfriend were seated in a restaurant, moments before he romantically proposed to her, catching her completely off guard.

Following an ecstatic acceptance of the proposal, she eagerly shared the heartwarming news on social media, accompanied by videos capturing the unforgettable moment.



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